How can I contact a Member Service representative?

You may call 1-866-399-3937 or send an email by clicking here.

How can I find a Towne Vision Center?

Just use the Google map tool. You will be guided to our door, just click here for Directions

I have "spots" floating around in my eye. Should I be worried?

Spots and floaters are usually harmless. Eye floaters are those tiny spots, specks, flecks and “cobwebs” that drift aimlessly around in your field of vision. While annoying, ordinary eye floaters and spots are very common and usually aren’t cause for alarm.

I work on a computer all day. Can this hurt my eyes?

Computer monitors emit levels of radiation that are considerably lower than the maximum allowed for safety, according to a study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. NIOSH compared the maximum radiation levels in a group of monitors with the safety standards.

Can you tell me what's wrong with my eyes?

Sorry, but no. It’s not that we don’t want to help you, but it would be irresponsible to try to diagnose your problem without examining your eyes. However, we do have some tips:

If you are having any kind of problem, the first thing you should do is schedule an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss your symptoms.

Am I old enough to wear contact lenses?

That depends on how responsible you are; this decision is best made jointly between you, your parents and your eye doctor.

What exactly does "20/20 vision" mean?

20/20 vision” is commonly accepted as the standard of normal distance vision for a human being. Basically it means “good visual acuity at 20 feet.” So if your vision is 20/20, you can read certain sizes of letters on a Snellen chart clearly at 20 feet or closer. But if your friend has 20/15 vision, his visual acuity is better than yours: you would have to stand 15 feet away from the chart to read the smaller letters that he can read while standing 20 feet away. Conversely, someone with 20/30 vision has worse distance vision than you.


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