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When it comes to your eyeglasses, there is more than meets the eye. Having worn glasses for many years now, I can tell you that selecting the perfect frames is the hardest part of the eyewear process.

 Sexy Glasses and other looks

Once you find a pair of frames that looks good, you automatically feel good.  It's true.  A good pair of glasses helps you feel sophisticated, polished, sexy, snazzy... you name it.  In fact, for eyeglass wearers, there is nothing more important to us than how our eyeglasses look on our face.

It isn't uncommon for eyeglass shoppers to try on almost every pair of frames in the shop before they select one that looks good on them.  Sometimes this process seems like it takes hours. Fortunately, you can take steps to help reduce the time it takes to find the right pair of glasses.

 Match Your Frames To Your Face Shape

Here are some steps offered by the Vision Council of America for selecting the perfect pair of eyeglass frames:

  • Select a frame shape that contracts with the natural shape of your face. This is contrary to what comes instinctively. Most people think they should buy frames that match their face shape. This isn't the case.
  • Look for frames that match the size of your face. You don't want to buy large frames if you have a very small face.
  • Look for frames that match your features well.  If you have dark hair and dark eyes for example, you should look for complementary frames, not fluorescent pink or orange frames.
  • Determining Your Face Shape

    Not sure what your face shape is? Stand in front of a mirror and use an erasable marker or tube of lipstick to outline the shape of your face. You'll notice your face is either round, oblong, oval, triangle, diamond or square shape. Here are some tips for buying glasses to match your face shape:

  • Oval Frames - Oval faces are easy to balance out and look good in most styles of eyeglass frames.  Typically, frames that are as the widest part of your face look best.
  • Round Frames - A round face looks thinner and longer when you wear eyeglasses that help lengthen and narrow the face.  Look for frames that are wider than deep. Rectangle style frames often look the best.
  • Oblong Frames - If your face is long and thin, you may want to balance things out with frames that provide more depth from top to bottom.  Frames that add width to your face using decorative features may also work well for balancing your face shape.
  • Heart Shaped Frames - If you have a heart or diamond shape face, you should look for rimless frames or those with cat eye features.  These help balance your jaw line and cheeks and provide an interesting and dynamic contrast to your face.


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